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Past conference notes and presentations

Do you want to review what you learned at the previous conferenes? Click here to view the presentation arachives.


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The JLD Times

Since the conference in New York last year, the JLD Editorial Committee has been hard at work relaunching our newsletter, the JLD Times. After much discussion, the Committee decided to move a blog format. Check out the new JLD Times at http://jldtimes.blogspot.com/. Courtney MacNab, the JLD Administrator, is the temporary editor. We will be looking for a new editor at the 2010 ATA Conference in Denver. If you have any article ideas or would like to submit an article for publication, please contact Courtney at courtney.macnab@gmail.com.


Thank you to everyone on the JLD Editorial Committee who made the blog possible – Hiroki Fukuyama, Gregor Hartmann, Courtney MacNab, Rika Mitrik, Richard Mott, Connie Prener and Carl Sullivan.




The division's quarterly newsletter, the JLD TImes, was printed between 1999 and 2006. Thanks to all the past officers who patiently took the time to put the JLD Times together.


The free Adobe Reader is required to view and print.



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